Reily School House-Saw Mill-Baptist Church

Since its founding in 2006, the Reily Township Historical Society’s mission is to discover, collect, and preserve historical records of the Township and make these records available to educate and promote an appreciation of the local history. The historical society is a non-profit organization and is led by a board of directors of selected volunteers who are dedicated to carrying out the mission of the society.

Society meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month at the Reily Township Community Center at 7pm. All meetings are open to the public.

Where Reily’s History began
Reily Street Scene. Artist-J. Strobel.

Reily Township was founded December 7, 1807 by Butler County Commissioners James Blackburn, Matthew Richardson, and James Smith. The town was named in honor of John Reily, a veteran of the Revolutionary War, devout patriot, and member of the 1802 Ohio Constitutional Convention. John Reily settled in the Northwest Territory of the United States, which later became known as the state of Ohio March 1, 1803.

​​In its early years Reily Township included several blacksmiths, a doctor, an undertaker, a general store, barber, post office, bank, livery stables, and a few saw and grist mills. In addition, there was an inn where travelers stayed as they transported hogs, horses, and livestock between Ohio and Indiana. 

Reily Township today features many historical buildings and sites, including the original inn and cemeteries where veterans from the Revolutionary War and the Civil War are buried.

To further engage in Reily Township’s history, please join us for our monthly meetings and visit the Hammond House Museum where local artifacts are on display.