Reily Township Historical Society’s New President

The Reily Township Historical Society is happy to announce our new Board President, Danielle Foulk.

Danielle graduated from the University of Cincinnati, taught kindergarten for eight years, was an Ohio Resident Educator coordinator and mentor, led school steering committee which resulted in schools ISACS accreditation, recipient of the C3 Outstanding Student Teacher Mentor award, served on various church and community boards.

Having grown up in the country in a farmhouse in Fairfield Township, Danielle and her husband Aaron moved to Reily Township five years ago in hopes to provide their three children the experience of rural life and to preserve and restore the historic Wehr homestead. 

Danielle has spent the past five years researching local history and has presented her findings at the Eleutherian College, Levi Coffin Museum, Reily Township Historical Society, and for the McGuffey House and Museum. Danielle looks forward to working with the Reily Township Historical Society Board in maintaining and moving the mission of the Society forward so Reily Township’s history will be preserved and available for generations to come.

To contact Danielle, please email

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